Business Owners at Ages 15 & 16

Business Owners at Ages 15 & 16

We were born and raised in the US. Alhamdulilah at a young age we were taught Islam. We were around 11 or 12 when we first started wearing the hijab. It was hard finding modest clothing or anything appropriate for our age. There just weren't any options or access to modest clothing.

The modest fashion industry was unheard of at the time. 

Our aunts in the Middle East would send us hijabs, abayas, and whatever else we didn't have access to in the US at the time. Whenever we went out to the masjid (mosque) or when we were with other Muslim girls, we always got questions about where we’d get our clothes from. Of course, not everyone has family or connections with people overseas, so we started to ask our aunts to send us more to gift to our friends.

Eventually the idea just grew from there. It honestly all happened naturally, like it was meant to happen. We probably started with a total stock of 20 hijabs and 5 abayas. It was a really simple idea at first and we sold from our home, at masjid gatherings, and masjid events. Soon enough, we kept listening to product requests and just kept expanding. We were very young starting Bella Hijabs.

turquoise and navy blue glitter hijabs from bella hijabs

OMG! Who remembers the Glitter Hijab trend? These were our most popular hijab when we first started up. 

At age 15 and 16 we were officially business owners.

Alhamdulilah in 2012 we opened our official store in Indianapolis and launched our website. From day one our intention was to curate towards women’s fashion and modesty.

simple black abayas displayed in store Bella Hijabs

Some of our first abayas when we opened up in 2012! We started out with very simple and basic designs. From there we grew and expanded our products through customer feedback.

Alhamdulilah. We wouldn't be anywhere without the support and love of our customers. 

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