Modest Fashion for Different Occasions: From Workwear to Special Events

Dressing modestly doesn’t mean you have to wear shapeless, boring clothing every day of the week and for every occasion in your diary. 

Here we share our style tips to ensure that you feel comfortable and look stylish and elegant whether you’re heading to work or getting ready to make some memories. 

Special events 

Maxi Dresses with sleeves 

Look for beautiful maxi dresses with sleeves as they’re flattering, stylish and provide plenty of coverage. For those special events, you’ll want to look at luxurious fabrics like velvet, chiffon and satin with details like lace, embroidery and embellishment to make a true style statement. 

Shawls and Wraps 

Layer a lightweight shawl or wrap over your outfit to add elegance and provide coverage for arms and shoulders. Use pretty prints and opulent fabrics to make a statement and turn your trusty wardrobe pieces into new and fabulous outfits. 

Abayas and Thobes 

Traditional garments like abayas and thobes make dressing modestly for special occasions a little easier, with brands creating stunning items that adhere to cultural and religious norms. Choose a fashionable jubba for any occasion or a beautiful abaya to keep you covered whilst still making a style statement. 

Statement accessories

Elevate your outfit with statement accessories like bold jewelry and pretty handbags. These can add visual interest to your look without compromising on modesty. Don’t add too many accessories to each look, typically choose one statement piece to elevate your outfit and then use simple pieces to round out the look, such as a bold earring and then wear a thin bracelet or dainty rings. 


Comfort is paramount whilst you’re at work but you still of course want to look smart too. Here are some ideas for dressing modestly whilst you clock your hours. 

Tailored blazers and trousers 

Opt for tailored blazers and trousers for a professional look that is still modest. Neutral colours like navy and grey allow you to wear them in multiple ways and will look great worn with many different colours of blouse or shirt. 

Polo neck tops 

Keep your look sophisticated in work by pairing your trousers and longline skirts with polo neck tops to provide modesty to your look. Staple colours like black, navy, cream, taupe and grey will work with a variety of outfits. 

Maintain your style and keep your looks elegant with our tips on modest style for different occasions. 

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