6 Easy Ways to Support Small Businesses

6 Easy Ways to Support Small Businesses

1. Make online and in store purchases

If you're looking to purchase an item on large seller platforms such as Amazon, Etsy, eBay, etc., first check to see if the business has their own website. Seller platforms such as these typically take a large portion of the sale. Buying directly from the business is much more impactful. 

2. Buy gift cards

Whether it's for yourself, a friend, or family member - gift cards are a great way to support a small business. Not only are you supporting them monetarily, but you're spreading the word of the business to your close circles and encouraging them to support as well. 

3. Buy gifts

Another easy way to support small! Simply purchase items from these small businesses and have them shipped directly to your loved ones. 

4. Follow their social media

Most small businesses with websites will also list out their social media pages. All it takes is a quick tap to follow or like their pages. 

5. Like, comment, tag, and share

The more interaction social media page gets, the more likely others will come across it too. This is an easy way to support a small business without having to spend any money!

6. Leave them a review

Small businesses thrive off of their reviews. Most customers, before purchasing from a new brand or trying a new service, will first look at reviews and others' experience. By leaving positive and honest reviews, you're helping a small business grow!

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