Hijab Care - Stop throwing out your hijabs!

Hijab Care - Stop throwing out your hijabs!
Many of you have reached out and asked us how to take care of those delicate hijab materials such as modal, silk, bamboo, viscose, and more.
Always hand wash your hijabs or stick them in the washer on a gentle/delicate cycle. NEVER place them in the dryer. This causes tearing, shrinkage, thread pulls, lint, and pilling. Instead, lay flat or hang your hijabs to dry. 
Delicate fabrics can be difficult to iron. Discoloring, thread pulls, or even scorch marks may occur. If you do iron your hijabs, be sure to keep the setting on low to prevent damages. Steaming your hijabs are also a great option! 
In under two minutes this hijab completely transformed. It was annoying to wear before steaming - it felt short, uncomfortable, and let’s be honest it just wasn’t presentable. 
wrinkled modal hijab in seafoam green versus steamed hijab after taking care of hijab
Pictured: Before and after results of our Modal Hijab in Seafoam Green.
The steamer I used only cost about $30 USD - cheaper than most irons. I purchased mine off of Amazon here. The Beatural Steamer works incredibly for hijabs and other delicates you may have hanging in your closet. It was super easy to use and lightweight. There was no set up involved or and instructions were easy to understand. 
By taking proper care of your hijabs, they can last you YEARS.

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